Examination's message to students..

An extract of autobiography of Examination

Dear students,

My name is examination. I like to thanks all teachers, evaluators, and parents who promoted me in such a way that I have gained such status of 'superiority'.

I live in the pure heart of the student. These students have given me a special kind of importance, for which I feel blissed. 

I know many students hate me, some of them avoid me and some of them scold me too. I understand, but do you know I don't care whether you love me or hate me, I am not going to change my personality.

Dear students, My ideas were presented incorrectly. I am not a devil, I am your friend. My concepts were misunderstood by many of the academical authorities. I am not your nightmare. I just want your valuable time to be spent for me. Believe me I can help you to achieve your all goals.

I am the reason of your sadness. 
Many times, You have to be embarrassed because of me. How misfortune is this! 

Oh! How 'they' have used me to frightened the students!  

My concept was not designed to embarrass you, I want to reveal your hidden potential, I want to make you strong to face all the challenges of your life, I want to make you a scholar, I want to enhance your inner beauty, I want to provide you an integrated personality.

But, I do not want anyone to compare you to anyone else, I do not want anyone to judge you for your marks.

Dear students, I am not asking you to change the things around you. You cannot change the system of 'comparison' and 'egoism'. You have an unfavorable mindset with me, hence I am trying to resolve this issue. Do whatever you can do.  

Please do not let this misunderstanding grow further. Please invest your time for learning. Please invest your time for me. Yes, you need to prepare yourself before you meet me.
Then, Meet me with full vigor. I do not want to see your dull faces. There is nothing to fear about, I will not compare you to anyone. I will help you to improve your performances of the past.

Your well wisher


  1. Thanks for sharing this idea with students. I will share this with one group of students- Typical Student. I hope this will help them.

    1. Thanks for your complement.. Keep supporting..


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