Your Response is your choice

Your Response is your Choice

There are certain situations that comes to you which are beyond your control. 

For example, you did not choose your parents. You had no control to choose the family which was rich or poor. You were born in a family which was of course not your choice. You did not choose your birth place. 

And, did you choose your looks? For example,

  • My height will be 6 feet 1 inch. 
  • My skin will be white with perfect shaped nose.

Do we choose all these things?

Moreover, you had no choice that you will be born as human being.

You did not choose these situations. They came to you.

Now, what can we do, that matters. We can respond to those situations. We may respond either positively or negatively. If we respond negatively then we create miseries around us.
And when our response is positive we feel blissed.

I do not say that we should accept all the things that we have got by complaining about your poor luck. I do not support the system of luck. I believe in the system of 'Action'.

Let us understand this.
Suppose, someone comes and insults you. You did not call this situation, this was not your choice. The situation itself came to you. This is not in your control. But, your response to this situation is your choice. You may react in the same manner and you will insult the person too or you may just ignore the person with a gentle smile on your face. Your former response will fill your heart with guilt while later will make you feel good unless you accept that words of insult.

Let's understand another case.
Getting admission in your desired college or university may not be under your control, but cracking the highest level of success while studying in mediocre college is your response. Here, you have the choice to work hard or to keep complaining about your hard luck.

Another case is related to our "looks".
How is my look? I am not talking about well groomed physical body. I mean genetical features that we have acquired from our parents. Certainly, it was not our choice. What we can do here? Nothing but to accept this positively. Physical appearance does not define your beauty. Natural appearance is your real beauty. How do you respond that matters. Eat healthy food, exercise daily, practice Yoga and live smart, then you will feel a natural glow on your face. This is the way to maintain your natural beauty.

The situations will remain same and they will come to you, but how do you respond to those situations is completely your choice. And your responses will decide your future.

All the best


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