What kind of education are we taking today? By adopting such knowledge, can we lead a noble life? Not at all. Exquisite life here does not mean that we consolidate or value so many physical substances. The meaning of a noble life is that how much we can become principled and responsible.

What is the biggest problem for us today?

Will you be able to answer this question?

You will be able to point out many problems, such as problem of climate change, problem of poverty, water problem, problem of terrorism, problem of pollution etc. But the biggest problem I find is that - the downfall of human character.

Yes, according to me, this is the biggest problem, because the root of all problems is the downfall of the human character. 


Let us understand this.

Human being is the most intelligent creature of the earth, from this point of view our earth should have been like a heaven. But humans have used their intelligence only to exploit the earth.

They have damaged the ecosystem at a large extent. They are now planning to shift their civilization to Mars, because they know that they will kill the planet Earth completely by next 10 decades by applying their most developed scientific brains.  Humans fight like other animals also, then what is the difference between them and other animals? Yes, there is a difference.
Animals kill other animals for their survival, but humans kill other humans not only for survival but also to satisfy their egoistic brain. Humans created weapons to kill other humans. They explored science to make destructive atom bombs and  armaments. What kind of conscience is this?

Humans have also developed a complex process of marketing system in which everything is monetized. Water, air and food which are the basic substances to sustain life had been given by nature free of cost. But, humans applied their intelligence to make these substances expensive. Famines and water scarcity are results of human intelligence. They think that all the resources of this planet belong to humans. 
The above situations explain about what human beings have achieved during their evolutionary process. They have achieved higher level of development(in terms of intellectuals), but they could not bring the real Characters of human beings within them.

Now, take some more examples. 

All doctors are human, all engineers are human, all scientists are human, all teachers are human, all rich people are human, all poors are human, all happy persons are human and all unhappy persons are human..!!
This is great. Isn't it?

More qualified doctors work for rich hospitals. More qualified teachers work for rich schools. More qualified scientist work for rich organisations and more qualified engineers create tools for targeted customers only. 

So, Many of them lack the fundamental qualities of a human.

Humans are the most "unpleasant organism" in the planet, because they search happiness around them. Have you ever seen an unhappy dog? No, because the sense of being pleasant is the result of critical thinking of mind. 

We cannot deny the fact that humans have misused their abilities.
Let us find out the biggest reason behind all these sufferings.
I think we could not develop a sensible education system which could make a healthy environment of 'humanity'. The mainstream education system has become 'survival-centric' which makes you skilled human resource to earn your livelyhood. 

 I think the education system must be 'human-centric', a system which helps in development of human characters along with physical knowledge. 
So, how this can be done? The present education system needs some research works to find out the ways how to develope the humanity, faith and harmony in the human society.

The regular lessons on 'humanity' and 'human values' must be included in the curriculum of every schools and colleges. The teaching of humanity and values should not be limited in just few instuitions. There should be a system in which students should be evaluated for their 'character' and ' behaviour'. Ofcourse, this is the responsibility of parents to make their children a good human, but in this case, educational institutions should have equal responsibility to provide both "materialistic" and "spirutual" education. 

A scholar without human values is a curse of the education system.

Nowadays, our universities are  manufacturing "human robots"; well programmed with "artificial intelligence", but no feelings of being human.
That's why I say: " Robots are the intelligent fools".


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