Best method to solve the problems

Best method to solve the problems

There would be many problems in your life. How do you solve your problems? Do you ask others for help? Or do you find a solution of your problems by reading a book? So, let me tell you the truth. Solutions of your problems cannot not be found anywhere outside. Because, the answer to all the questions related to your life is present within you. External factors such as books, videos, experts' advise etc. can show you the path, but nothing will change unless you go inward. These external factors are sources of informations which will definitely help you to analyze your problems. But, these external sources cannot solve the issues of your life.
Your problems can be solved only by you. So make this your habit to talk to yourself.

 If you want to get rid of any problems related to your life then follow the instructions below. If you follow the given instructions correctly, surely it will start to get auspicious effect within one month. Have confidence, you will taste a new energy inside you.

(1) First select a place where nobody disturb you. You can choose this place at your home or office or anywhere. Just that place should be peaceful and comfortable.

(2) Now write your problem in your diary or in any notebook, which you want to solve. This written problem is to keep you in hand until it is resolved. So keep a good notebook or diary to write your issues. You have to write about only one problem at a time.

(3) Sit confortably and close your eyes. Make yourself fully relaxed. Concentrate on your breathing process for 5 to 10 minutes. Please do not allow any other thoughts in your mind. The thoughts may come, but bring your concentration back to your breathing process. Now think about your problem which you have written in your notebook. Ask yourself and try to find the reason behind this issue.
(4) For some bigger issues the reason may be complicated. For such cases regular practice is required. If you manage to find the exact reason then your case is half solved.
(5) Once, you know the reason of the issue ask yourself for solutions. Concentrate and try to listen to your innermost voice. You will get multiples of solutions for your issue.
(6) Now, you have multiples of solutions. Then, ask yourself for the best solution. Listen the innermost voice. You will get the best solution.
(7) Sometimes there may be conflict between your inner voice and your mind, but you try to listen to the inner voice only.
(8) Write the solution in the same diary/notebook just below your issue/question/problem which you had written.
(9) If you think this solution is correct and suits you then go ahead.

Please don't get confused with the terms such as 'mind' and 'inner voice'. Let us understand the relationship between mind and inner voice philosophically. I believe that 'Mind' is the conscious part of our brain which works on the memories and information which it gathers from surroundings whereas inner voice is the sub-conscious part of the brain which also works on the memories and information, but it has some extraordinary qualities than conscious mind. Those are as follows:
* Inner voice never lies to you.
* Inner voice always shows you the right solutions.
* Inner voice is free from the conflicts; it never leaves you in a doubtful or confused state of mind.

Proper meditation leads you to reach your 'inner voice'. 


(1) Be ralaxed.
(2) Be patient. Initially it takes time to activate your mind. You are in a meeting with your life advisor( sub- concious mind).
(3) Be regular. Fix your schedule to meet your sub-concious mind.
(4) Be honest while you talk to yourself.
(5) Use earplugs or cotton plugs to avoid external disturbances.
(6) Control your mind. It may divert you from the main topic. If it does the same then try to jump back into the main issue.


 Never suppress the inner voice, because this voice will never tell you wrong things. Have you ever heard your inner voice when you do something wrong? Normally you used to suppress this voice. So, Listen to your inner voice carefully and be honest.

Sharing your problems to your friends or relatives may help you to gain experience and knowledge, but 'Action' is in your hands.

Have a great life.😊

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