In demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living, and was estimated to have reached 7.7 billion people as of November 2018.
7.7 billion people means 7.7 billion unique personalities. But, unfortunately there are many who have lost their own uniqueness and have masked the characteristics of others.

Copying others is an artificial art. The art of copying is not a bad habit unless it suppresses your own originality.

Copying others doesn't make any sense in the following cases:

  • You love singing and the voice of your favorite singer has touched your heart. Now you start copying his voice. Where is your voice?
  • Your role model has some kind of unique hair style. Now you come out of the saloon with the same kind of hair style. Did you think whether this hair style is going to suite you or not?
  • Your friend convinced you to grow long beards stating that the women love beards. You loved your friend's beards and very soon you become a bearded man who is also loved by women. Are you sure that those beards are going to be so impressive?
  • Your neighbor's son brings a new luxurious car. You come to know that he has been promoted as senior engineer in his construction company. Now you also want to become an engineer like him. Where is your own goal?
  • You love watching cartoons, but your friends make fun of you. They insisted that all we have grown up and we should watch the movies which are trending today. Now you develop the sense of watching the movies which are being released just for youngsters like you. Why do you change your own taste?

Thus, we copy hobbies, profession, physical appearance, thoughts, style and ideas of others. This is not good for your personal existence.

Leaders are not Copy cat

Let me mention names of some great people in the history who did some incredible things in their own era. You try to identify their uniqueness.

Albert Einstein. Is there any picture of him in your mind? Now compare him with Sir Issac Newton. Is there any comparison? Though they belong to the same profession we recognize each of them as single unique personality.

Let us take another example,
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. To whom did they copy? Do you think they had unique ideas to revolutionize the world?

Think about other such great people. You will find that these people were not attracted by others' ideas and personalities rather they developed their own ideas and personalities.


Copying is sometimes, justifiable in the following cases:

1. Children copy their teachers' attributes and try to learn many values of life. They learn grammar, words and facial expressions from their teachers.  Here, copying is good and appreciable. Children also copy their elders or parents to learn the basic living skills such as brushing the teeth, putting on clothes, polishing the shoes, maintaining hygiene etc.

2. If we learn the facts or universal truth then copying is necessary. Learning Scientific theories, mathematical calculations, historical events etc. is a part of copying. Suppose a child does not know about the shape of the earth. The child's mother showed him a picture of earth describing about the shape of the earth. In this case the child will have to copy the words which describe the shape of the earth.

3. Copying the ethical values of others is good. If someone is highly influenced by others' good values and if he applies those values in his life then copying is good.

4. If copying is done intentionally to show your respect or emotion for someone who is special in your life, then copying is good.

You are Unique

As we have seen in the above cases most of the situations of copying is natural and valuable for children. But once you have grown up to an adult, along with these basic skills and knowledge, you must take your skills and knowledge to the highest level, where no one can compete you. In fact, there is no question of competition here, because your skills, ideas and talents are unique and quite different from others.

You are unique and you have certain unique characteristics- This is the law of heredity, variation and evolution. You have been spending your life in a unique environment.

Here, when I say unique environment, I mean the thought process which you have developed till now from surroundings.

If you develop your own ideas and thoughts for the welfare of your society then surely you will not only flourish your personal life but also the whole society will be benefited by your remarkable contributions.

Thus, never copy these things:

1. Physical appearance
2. Hobbies
3. Profession
4. Ideas, thoughts and beliefs
5. Skills

Copying creates comparisons. Unique things cannot be compared with any other things. You too don't want to be compared with someone else. Therefore make yourself a unique personality and develop it for the welfare of the world. Allow yourself to shine, but both the fuel and light must be your own but not of others.

 All the best


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