Dealing with psychology of 'Rejection'

If someone rejects you or in other words if someone avoids you, then it may be very painful to you. Right?

Where do you stand in such situations? Are you trying to find the reasons for this painful state of mind?

The reasons which point out your situation may be:

1. Your ego: Yes, it hurts because your ego cannot digest the rejection.

2. Your feelings: that you are inferior than that person (or a group) who rejects you.

3. There may be any misunderstanding or lack of communication in the whole situation.

There may be many more reasons for your painful experiences after being avoided by someone, but these three reasons are on based by my research and knowledge.


Whatever may be the reasons, it hurts if someone rejects or avoids you. Yes, it will hurt. In fact, it should hurt. These experiences of 'hurt' and 'guilt' must shake your mind and soul. Have you experienced the increased level of energy within you after being rejected by someone? Yes, this experience gives us energy. And, energy is transferable, so don't waste this energy by converting it into anger, anxiety, irritation etc. We should sublimate this energy to correct those mistakes which prevent us to achieve the higher level of success.

First, take a deep breath and in your heart, say a big THANKS to that person who does not understand your values. We must thank to those persons who reject or block us, because they make you feel that you have some weaknesses. They are catalysts who make you realize that you need to improve yourself.

Sometimes, you may feel that you had been ignored for no reason. But, this is not the truth. There must be a reason of their rejection. You must find the reason for your rejection- not to inculcate guilt, but to sow a seed of desire.

Let us consider the following circumstances:

1. If  a customer rejects the products or services of a company then the company must take this positively and should find the reason behind this rejection. The company must be tolerant to rectify the quality of the product.

2. If you are ignored in a relationship then you should peep inside yourself to find your weaknesses. (If you think that you have no such weaknesses then there is no issue of being hurt).
We are avoided and ignored in a relationship because we try to control others' behavior according to our own will. But, the fact is that we cannot change the 'desires' and 'personality' of others.

3. If you are rejected in a job interview then you need to sublimate the 'energy of being rejected' to gain more knowledge and perfection for a better job, even better than the previous one.


  • Their rejection is your power. 
  • Take this rejection as an opportunity and make yourself a valuable resource for your society. 
  • Develop yourself to the highest possible level of perfection in your desired profession.
  • You are not inferior. You are unique. Think, what you can give to the world. The world needs your contribution.

All the best.


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