A simple way to gain confidence

A simple way to gain confidence

Before we reach the main topic, consider these questions:

1. Do you have confidence of speaking 10 lines about your hobbies to your friend or to a relative?

2. Do you have the same confidence level to speak the same 10 lines (which you dare to speak in front of your friend) about your hobbies in a job interview?

3. Do you have same confidence level to speak the same 10 lines about your hobbies in front of  more than 1000 people present in a conference Hall.

You got it.. Right...??

In which case your confidence level was very high?
Most probably it was not great in that Conference hall..

Let us discuss Why?

"Confidence is the key of Success'.

Confidence is an essential ingredient of the personality. Lack of confidence is the main obstacle in the path of success. If you are excited to understand the psychology of confidence then you are at the right place.

Let us find out the reasons why do we loose confidence in doing something.

Lack of confidence is the result of fear; fear comes due to confusion and confusion is the state of unprepared mind.

When our preparation is not satisfactory, it creats confusion. This confusion brings fear to face a specific challenge. Hence, we cannot feel confident to deal with that specific challenge or a problem.

I would like to give a basic example related to this situation. Suppose Mr. Z is new in the field of  journalism. He has no past experience of interviewing a famous personality. If that journalist does not prepare thoroughly for his first ever interview with a well known personality then surely he would not be able to perform his task confidently.

Boost yourself with self confidence 

The simple way to gain confidence:

1. Believe in yourself: You must know your strenght and weakness.

2. Preparation: This includes, gaining knowledge, applying the knowledge in practical life, practicing again and again what you have learnt. Listen to your inner voice for the confirmation that you are well prepared now. Yes, inner voice will reply that your preparation is satisfactory. Your inner voice never lies, hence do not suppress it. If it says you need more practice then keep practicing until you get a positve response from inside.

3. Avoid confusion: Be very sure that your knowledge and practice are appropriate and complete. Do not doubt in yourself.

4. Why fear? If your prepration part is good and you are not confused then there is no place of fear. Avoid thinking about the results.


IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT TO DO A WORK IN WHICH YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE THEN THIS IS CALLED 'OVERCONFIDENCE'. For example, a man has no practical experience of driving a heavy truck, but he has read a book named as 'How to drive a truck?'(a fictitious book). Can we think that his preparation is sufficient? Certainly not. After , if the man feels confident by merely reading a book he can drive the truck then what we would call him? 'Confident' or 'Overconfident'?

Thus, the pathway to gain confidence is very simple, but hard to crack. Actually, we do not have to apply extra efforts to increase so-called confidence level, but this is very natural to be confident. We need to apply our 100% effort in the preparation for the events before we actually face it. Confidence will come naturally to extract your best performance, because confidence is a trait of human beings who never hesitate to learn and practice.

All the best

- S. N. Pathak


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