Do we dare to face ourselves?

No one is trying to face himself..the ugliness, the selfishness, the greediness, the hate, the jealousy and so on..

We try to hide ourselves from ourselves..

In other words we always want to understand others' motives and nothing wrong in this, but how often have we tried to understand the 'self' , i.e; the 'I'.

Understanding what your motives are when you act is called self understanding. It means that how well you trust yourself to take any action.

Are you confident? Do you know the reason why are you taking such action? Was this your original idea or was copied from somewhere? Do you get an internal satisfaction while doing a particular action?

All these questions are related to our "Self Understanding"

Hence, self understanding is a process that makes a person to understand himself. The person who practices to develope his self understabding he developes himself  into a matured and self motivated person. Self understanding makes a person confident and self-reliant. He/She becomes able to cope with the stress that he/she faces around him/her.

FOUR magical techniques to enhance our Self-Understanding:

1. The uniqueness: Every person has some uniqueness which makes him a different personality from others. We need to search for those unique characteristics within ourselves. Accepting challenges, taking risks, being responsible, being faithful etc are some steps to identify our unique traits.

2. Be master of your field: You must develop yourself to the perfection at least in one area where no one can beat you. Be the master of your profession or work and reach the highest possible level in your work. Develop your own concepts in your work, apply those concepts to enhance your potential; bring your work into zero- competition zone by doing some innovative stuffs which were never done by anyone before.

3. Write about yourself: Writing about yourself doesn't only mean to write your biographies and getting those published. We should develop a habit of writing about "self". This practice will surely help you to enhance your self-understanding. You would be able to know your strenghts and weaknesses. This practice gives you a platform to take appropriate decisions on the basis of the "self" you are.

Be very truthful while writing about yourself. Don't be judgmental and avoid thinking about what others do or think; just write whatever you know about yourself.

4. Being alone: Out of 168 hours in a week, give at least 5 to 6 hours for yourself during which there would not be any influence of external issues. Be with yourself only; laugh, play, cry, talk, plan, love, hate.. here you share all the emotions of life with yourself.
You may laugh at yourself by remembering any humorous moments of the past; you may hate yourself for your greediness and arrogant behaviour; you may cry for your pain; you may plan for your future by adopting your own ideas; you may love yourself for your good attitudes.
Learning how to live alone is one of the best technique to develop our self-understanding.

Best Regards
S. N. Pathak


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